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Frequently asked questions

3 reasons why our services are trustworthy

1) For those who still doubt our services we currently offer free 4.000 score test packages. If you are interested please send us a message here asking for the trial so you can see for yourself that we are 100% legit :).

2) In addition to all the above we shot this raw video where we boosted one of our accounts without cutting the footage to demonstrate how incredibly fast our system is.

We have boosted thousands of accounts of which none have been banned. For our site we created a new account called "product-review" which we boosted to 30 Million without getting banned so we can confidently say that no, your account won't get banned. There is a risk of being temporary locked, this chance is however very low and can be reduced even more by making sure your account has a verified email, phone number and has been active for some time.

No, our system has been developed is such a way that none of your friends will be messages or affected in any way, the only thing they can notice is that your Snap score has increased and that during the boosting process we will add a few celebrity accounts. This is necessary for our boosting process. After the boost has completed you can clear all these chats from your account using the ?clean command. Streaks will also not be affected.

Unfortunately, the score is currently only adding to the sending side. We do not plan on boosting score on the receiving side because this would be a lot more expensive and there is hardly any demand for increasing score on the received side.