Are you also one of those Snapchat users unaware of the Snapchat score, nevertheless how to increase the snap score?

Snapchat is a top leading social media app which helps users to exchange snaps. The media is called snaps because they are meant to disappear after they're viewed.

What is Snap Score?

Snap Score is the sum of the entire snaps you've altogether sent or received. It increases once you get one point whenever you send and another point if you receive a snap from somebody else.

How to get an update of your Snapchat score?

You can check your Snapchat score in the profile menu of your Snapchat app. There you will get your exact Snapchat score.

Snapchat keeps you updated with your snap score and displays the whole activity you did in the application. A Snapchat score shows you how much you are using and getting experienced with Snapchat.

Top 5 tips to increase Snap Score?

Nowadays, everyone wants to increase snap score and want to share and receive snaps as more as possible.

So, here are some cool tricks that will help you increase your Snapchat account's snap score.

1) Restart for Snapchat Score Increase

Shutting down and restarting the app helps you to increase the snap score. It happens because Snapchat is going to be so pleased that once you reboot it and begin sending snaps, opening them, they boost your rating!

2) Make a habit of sending snaps

Sending snaps regularly increases the snap score very easily. As you have to make a habit of sending snaps daily to your friends to increase your snap score if your snap score means that much to you.

3) Open snaps

Opening snaps will increase your snap score. As you must check all snaps, you have received if you want to increase your snap score. Ignoring a single snap will lose you one crucial point. But keep in mind that replying to the snap does not add the points.

4) Sending multiple snaps

As we have discussed, you will get each one point for sending or opening a single snap. Here is a cherry on a bun cake that you will receive an extra point if you are sending multiple snaps at one time. All you have to do is navigate to the chats tab and then click on the conversation; the snaps will get delivered with your single click.

5) Adding snaps to your story

As we all know, viewing a story not increases the snap score. But here, you will get a simple method to do that. The method is to add a snap to your story will add another point.

Now, how to add your snaps to your story?

Tap on the "send" button on a completed snap.

Now, tap my story circle located I the top left corner of the screen.

How does increase Snapchat score help you?

The higher Snapchat score's major benefit is that you can unlock many trophies according to your Snapchat score. Usually, these trophies are given for special achievement in the form of brand new emoji.

And the major advantage of having a Better Snapchat score is that you're not faking your role or identity or creating an account to stalk your crush. And you at least get bragging rights in your friend circle to showcase your new trophies.

Another few methods to increase your Snapchat Score:-

Add new friends.

In today's world, because of social media, everyone has lots of friends. Despite that, we just keep adding new friends to our friend list. And nowadays, everyone has a Snapchat. So, we can send a snap to our new friends too. And through this, we can increase our snap score.

Follow celebrities

The other best way to increase your snap score is to follow the celebrities and send them countless snaps and not even open your snaps.

Using a Snapchat score generator

If you want to increase your score in a smart way you can use the Snapchat score generator which increases your score if you are ready to spend some dollars. 

Few theories regarding the algorithm of Snapchat:-

You get 12 points for every snap you send to the primary 3 people and 20 points for each snap thereafter.

This seems like a specious explanation as long as some users reportedly have Snaps many 90k and more, some as high as 700k.

You get 1 point for every snap you send and another one point for each snap you open. If you send a snap to multiple recipients, you continue to get only one point.

The highest Snapchat score in the world:-

At this moment, the very best Snapchat score within the world belongs to the Snapchat account @sillyblackguy who features a score of over 6 million.