Snapchat Score

Snapchat is among the most common messaging apps that let you share texts, pictures, and videos. Snapchat may not have been as popular as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, but millions of users do use it every single day.

The app packs within itself a set of successful features, such as stickers, bitmojis, memories, filters, and stories. It helps you to store pictures and videos for playback and future viewing and sharing. The app has plenty of devoted fans and it is also continually adding new updates to keep it interesting.

It's different from most social media applications when it gets to the app interface. It doesn't have any legitimate navigation – by swiping right or left and up or down, you'll be able to turn areas inside the app. Stuff in this application is not as straightforward as it is with Twitter, Facebook, and most social media sites.

But while it adds brand new features, Snapchat does have the stuff that created it a sensation.  And that is the "Snapchat score". It is a unique algorithm that incorporates the number of Snaps you've got and sent to other people, the stories you once shared, as well as other variables, as per the Snapchat app.

What exactly is a Snapchat Score?

Without some real usage, the score only adds game elements to the app. It encourages people to be connected through Snapchat. One aspect of Snapchat that's not readily obvious is the Snapchat score.

You can see your Snapchat score on your profile, which is the number next to your username. Once you tap your Snapchat score, there will be two numbers that will give you more detail. The former for the number of snaps you sent and the latter for the amount you got.

Now that we've discussed what Snapchat score is, let's go forward and figure out how it works and how to boost it.

How does Snap Score Work?

Snapchat Score increases based on a few factors –

·       Stories that you share

·       Amount of snaps that you get

·       Amount of snaps that you send

·       You don't receive a point by viewing a story

With some inconsistencies, the Snapchat scores are premised on your use. But if you're going to boost up your Snapchat score, keep sending more Snaps.

What does a Snapchat Score do?

The real kicker is that if you upload a snap or video on your story, you receive a point. Except if you just watch a story you won't get bonus points. Most social media platforms barely use a point or score system to "grade" their members.

Trophies are awarded whenever a Snapchat user wins unique app rewards, and as a result, you receive new emojis. This can be by reaching a specific score, using special filters, sharing unique snaps, or putting the story on the Live Story.

snapchat score image

How to Increase Snapchat Score?

We're here to show you how you can easily boost your Snapchat score. Following are a couple of tips that can help you in boosting your Snapchat ranking:

1.     Check your recent Snapchat score

increase your snapchat score

First things first, find out your current Snapchat score to have an idea. You can check your Snapchat score in a couple of easy measures.

·       Tap on your Snapchat profile present on the top left corner

·       You can see the score below your username

·       Tap the score to see how many points you've received by sending or receiving snaps.


2.     Send several snaps

By sending one snap to your buddy, you receive 1 point. This is the way things work. So once you begin sharing snaps with several friends at once, you can earn extra points. For instance, you sent 10 people a snap; it will result in giving you 10-11 points.

3.     Add more friends

You can earn a point with any friend request, whether you have accepted it or requested it. Of course, in the longer term, this technique does not succeed, but while you are newer to Snapchat and are beginning to earn points, it is helpful.

4.     Send snaps to celebrities

If you wish to see your Snapchat score rise rapidly without annoying all your buddies, here's a trick... First, add any influencer or Celebrity Snapchat profiles to your list of friends and then use them to boost your Snapchat score while enjoying their interesting stories.

5.     Use a legitimate Snapchat score booster

No one's going to wait too long to raise their Snapchat score too patiently. Now with the Snapchat score booster, you can quickly be noticed and trusted in the Snapchat group in no time.

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Now that you understand how the Snapchat score operates, you can avoid fake online platforms or websites that claim to help you improve your Snapchat score. Go to https:/ for a quick boost and use the Snapchat score booster to raise your Snapchat score in no time. So, keep using Snapchat as you like and your score will increase!!