You will need this key to add the score to your account (You need to be logged in to see your keys):

First of all make sure your Snapchat account:

⚫ Has more than 10 score points
⚫ Has 2 factor authentication disabled
⚫ Has a password that does NOT contain the character ":", this is not supported. If you password does contain the character ":", please change your password.

After that complete the following steps to receive your Snapchat score, watch this video tutorial to make it even easier.

1. Go to
2. Create an account if you don't have one. After creating an account open the link above again.

3. Send a message to our bot named "Snapscore Bot" with the command:
?boost key
Replace "key" with the code you received from us such as:
?boost 5d0441e47f4262763b735f143a03c33c
Make sure you type it exactly as we did on the previous line otherwise it will not work.

4. The bot should send a message back asking for other information such as your Snapchat username and password.
Send a message back to our bot containing this information, for the Snapchat username and password you need to send it in the format
Use your Snapchat username and NOT your email address!

5. If anything goes wrong, try restarting at step 3.
(Sometimes the Snapchat servers are not receiving our requests)
If after a few tries it doesn't work first have a look at this youtube video and make sure you are doing everything exactly as described in the video. If you still have problems contact us via our site with a screenshot of where it goes wrong:

Our system will send snaps to celebrity accounts which you will see appear in your account.
After your boost is done you can clear these accounts from your account by using the ?clear (Your Snapchat username) command. For example:
?clear Myusername22
This command will only remove the celebrity chats we created, your other chats (With friends etc) remain unchanged.

Logging in
• 5k score will be added to your account every hour so 50k would take 10 hours to be fully added
• Between each boost you can log in / use your Snapchat account.
• Each boost will log you out of your Snapchat account, after this wait 3 minutes and you can log back in.